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You’re Just…

David said to Saul, “Don’t let anyone be discouraged. Your servant will go and fight this Philistine!” But Saul replied to David, “You aren’t able to go against this Philistine and fight him! You’re just a boy! He has been a warrior from his youth!”
1 Samuel 17:32-33 NET

The world might look at you and say, “You’re just …” You can fill-in-the-blank… “a youth, uneducated, poor, ugly, sick…”

But thank God that God doesn’t look at us like that. His power in us isn’t determined by what we can bring to the table. The only thing that He requires is a willing vessel.

The Father is just looking for people who would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, who would care more about His desires than the world’s.

What would God do with someone who trusted in the Lord and allowed Him to use them for His glory?

He would send them to slay giants!

That’s right! God would use a willing person in a big way.

Are you allowing yourself to be used by God? Why not? His work is eternal.

The things you do for the Lord will have eternal implications. Isn’t that so much more worthy than just living for a paycheck?

Yes. We do need to work. But the purpose and drive for you getting up in the morning and conquering the day should be to bring honor and glory to God!

You’re not just… You are a child of the King!

Father, thank You for using me to proclaim Your glory in this world. Help me to let my light shine for You. Allow me the strength and faith to walk in Your ways all my days.


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