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Work Experience

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District – (September 2004 – Current)

After running a Theraputeic Foster Group Home for 11 1/2 years, my wife and I felt led to raise our family outside the group home enviornment.  However, we wanted to continue to work with kids.  After a lot of prayer, I pursued an alternative certification to teach in the public schools.  In the 11 years that I have been employed by CFISD, I have worked as a classroom teacher, instructional specialist and assistant principal.

Copeland Elementary – Assistant Principal (2009 – Current)

  •  Oversee the implementation of district and campus policies and procedures for over 1,000 Pre-K – 5th grade students.
  • Supervise staff in their day to day job responsibilities and provide feedback which culminates in their yearly performance review.
  • Serve as a liaison between parents and teachers as needed and problem solve to find solutions for a working parent-teacher environment.
  • Collaborate with administrators and staff on a weekly basis to determine best practices in the areas of: curriculum, staffing, campus morale, discipline and student achievement.
  • Analyze data to track achievement, discipline and student needs.
  • Serve as the district representative in special education meetings.
  • Sit on district level steering committees to inaugurate decisions that impact the whole district.
  • Chair the campus committee responsible for decisions regarding individual student interventions.
  • Coordinate with the PTO on grade level field trips and programs and ensure district policies and safety concerns are addressed.
  • Provide staff development and training to meet the needs of staff.
  • Serve as the campus Section 504 coordinator.
  • Ensure teacher compliance on human resource concerns and issues of certification requirements.
  • Assume the principal’s responsibility when the principal is off campus.

Instructional Specialist (2007-2009) – Math & Science
Classroom Teacher (2005-2007) – 2nd, 4th – Math & Science


Assurance Church – (November 1997 – December 2014)

In my last year at Houston Baptist University, I felt led to plant a church.  We were running the group home and had a lot of space in our living room.  With permission from the agency that we worked for, we started meeting as a church.  Through the years, God did some wonderful things as people witnessed the love of God.  In late 2014, the Lord started to impress upon me to close the church.  After a lot of prayer, Belinda and I both felt a peace to do so.  Later, it was confirmed that it was God, because we have seen and experienced some great things!

Assurance Church was an inter-denominational church that operated as a 503(c) organization.


  • Pursued the Holy Spirit in all decisions and manners of the church.
  • Operated from a Biblical World View.
  • Preached and communicated from the Inspired Word of God.
  • Upheld prayer and the study of God’s Word as vital to the Christian life.
  • Shared, pursued and elaborated the vision for the church to members and the community.
  • Provided pastoral care to members as needed or requested.
  • Administered all church business, including all financial accounts.
  • Administered the Sacraments: The Lord’s Supper (monthly) and Baptism (as needed).
  • Devoted myself to personal Bible study and prayer.
  • Analyzed demographic data to make relevant decisions for outreach and ministries.
  • Facilitated small groups: planning and teaching
  • Online Sermons – Click Here

Worship Leader

  • Prepared music and slideshow presentations for church services.
  • Led band practice.
  • Led church services and allowed the Holy Spirit to move freely.
  • Played the guitar and led worship for Sunday morning services.


Prepper Website – (September 2011 – Current)

In December of 2009, during a time of prayer and seeking God for direction for Assurance Church, I felt the Lord say that I should help His people prepare for uncertain times.  The Lord reminded me of Amos 3:7.  He always let His people know what was going to happen.

In my research, I came across websites in the Emergency Preparedness field.  As I learned from them, I noticed that there wasn’t one website that had the best preparedness content all in one place.  I imagined people bouncing from website to website looking for new content.

Not too long after this, I started Prepper Website.  The website took off pretty quickly.  I scan/read over 200-300 articles an evening and find the better articles to link to daily.

The blessing of Prepper Website has allowed me to try other online ventures in the emergency preparedness space.


  • Conceptualized Prepper Website as a relevant website that benefits the online preparedness community.
  • Researched and tested website platforms for best performance and overall appeal.
  • Manage all finances: taxes, advertising invoicing, website hosting and misc. capital outflows for smooth company operation.
  • Aggregate demographic data to better understand the Prepper Website audience.
  • Forecast and respond to trends in the preparedness community.



  • Employ social media strategies that keep readers and fans engaged.
  • Manage and monitor all websites for health and proper maintenance.
  • Researched and tested solutions for website security, backups and on-going monitoring.
  • Manage and maintain the email list and software to ensure the daily email newsletter is delivered to subscribers.


Houston Achievement Place – (1993 – 2005)

Belinda and I became group home parents in 1993.  We were the youngest group home parents the agency ever hired.  I was 21 and she was 22.  They had to get an insurance waiver for me so that I could drive the group home van.  We were also the longest running group home parents, to date.  In our 11 1/2 years at Houston Achievement Place, we were honored with the Teaching Family Group Home Parent Award two times.

Therapeutic Group Home Parent

  • Managed a Therapeutic Foster Care Group Home of five – six clients
    suffering from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
  • Coordinated and planned with treatment team to diagnose and treat clients effectively.
  • Responsible for on-going evaluation of client’s progress and needs.
  • Administrated the monthly and yearly budget.
  • Required to learn and adhere the group home to all Agency, Teaching Family
    Association, Children’s Protective Services, Houston Health Department, and Texas
    Licensing and Regulatory guidelines for providing childcare.