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Words After the Fact

The Lord is right to judge me!
Yes, I rebelled against his commands.
Please listen, all you nations,
and look at my suffering! My young women and men have gone into exile.
Lamentations 1:18 NET

Why do people have to learn the hard way? Why are they stubborn?

God warned the Jews over and over again that they would go into exile because of their disobedience, but they didn’t listen.

They didn’t know God’s Word and depended on how they “felt” and what they “saw.”

God wasn’t real to them. They believed the blessings that they experienced weren’t because of God’s hand, but because of their own ability.

And then, it was too late. Judgement was pronounced and the invading army conquered Jerusalem.

The Jews starved, were killed, went into exile and lost everything. This happened because they didn’t listen and follow God’s ways.

Don’t make the same mistakes. Follow Him now! The world will be judged again, sometime soon! Consider this a warning to get right with God!

Father, I pray that anyone reading this would follow hard after You. I pray that they choose Your way instead of their own. I pray that they know You in Your mercy and grace instead of Your judgement. Give Your people boldness as we see the day approaching. Let us make Your name great.


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