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Wise Words

but if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them, or you may even be found fighting against God.” He convinced them,
Acts 5:39 NET

Gamaliel was a wise and respected rabbi during the early church. When the Jewish leaders wanted to execute the disciples because they were jealous, he spoke up and gave them counsel.

He recounted times when men rose up and revolted, but then later their cause fizziled. He shared that if what the disciples were preaching was from men, it would eventually die out and they wouldn’t have to do anything.

But, if this was truly God, they might find themselves fighting against God Himself.

They listened to his counsel, although they did beat the disciples. The disciples rejoiced that they were found worthy to suffer for their faith.

How many times do we find ourselves fighting against the things of God? How often do we neglect what God desires for our lives and do our own thing?

Why do so many not trust that the Lord has their best interest at heart?

We might not understand everything. We might not be able to see it with our eyes. But God loves His people.

Those who have made Jesus their Lord and Savior belong to Him! And God has proven that He is active in and blesses the lives of His people!

The best place for God’s people is to be right in the middle of His will. The way you know His will is by spending time with Him, reading the Bible, praying, receiving wise Christian counsel and overall surrounding yourself with the things of God!

There is really no other alternative in this life but to submit to Jesus or to fight against the move of God!

Listen to 2000 year old advice!

Father, thank You that You have made Yourself real to me. There is no other way to live than right in the middle of Your will. Grant me my heart’s desire to know You more and more each day.


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