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Wine and Wineskins

And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the new wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled out, and the skins will be ruined.
Luke 5:37 NASB

Wine goes through a fermentation process. The process gives off gases. If you were to put new wine into old wine skins, that were already stretched because of the previous gases, the new wine/gas will stretch the wine skins too much and bust.

But we do that all the time! We take what God is trying to do in our lives and try to put it in what we already know, how we already operate. We do this, but God is wanting to do something new. He wants us to trust Him.

What God wants to do in our lives is usually so far, so different from what we already know. It starts off in the spiritual and we don’t necessarily start from there. We know the flesh, what we can understand, what we can touch and manipulate.

The spiritual causes us to stop, consider Jesus, His work and the leading of the Holy Spirit. The spiritual causes us to trust and wait on God.

Don’t try to make God fit into your box. Let Him stretch you. Let His Word and the Holy Spirit do their work in your life! It’s a new day, time for new wine.

I need to just trust! Just trust! Just trust that God knows what He is doing. Trust that He is in control. Trust that He has me firmly in His grasp and He wants the best for me, even if I can’t completely see it right now.

Lord, when I think about how awesome and powerful You are, I have no problem trusting You. Help me to trust when I’m in the midst of my day, when I’m busy and tired and dealing with all the stuff that the day throws at me. I trust in You.


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