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While You’re In the Wilderness

I cared for you in the wilderness,
In the land of drought.
Hosea 13:5 NASB

It doesn’t matter where you are or what the circumstance might be, God can always reach you! God’s power is not limited by anything! Even in the dessert wilderness, in the middle of a drought, He can come to your rescue.

The problem is when we get our eyes off of God and focus on something else. It doesn’t matter what that something else is. It’s not God! It can’t help you like God can help you!

And the thing is that you don’t have to find out the hard way. Look at the example of the Jewish people. Don’t turn from the Lord, but instead establish Him as your first and only priority. Everything else falls into place.

Think about the last time you encountered a problem. What was your first reaction? Was it to seek counsel? Did you Google it? Did you make a list of all the pros and cons? Or did you go to the Lord, seeking His will and diving into His Word?

For the Christian, going to God is always going to be the answer. He can do it! He knows exactly what you need. 

Pray for His will in your life. Examine yourself to see if there is anything in your life that doesn’t need to be there. Make sure you are reading His Word and applying it to your life. Seek out other believers that will encourage you in the faith.

God will come and help you. He will meet you in the most unlikely of places. Just make sure you put Him first!

Lord, forgive us when we don’t put You first. Help us give You our full attention. We know You are all powerful and there is nothing greater than You. You and only You are able to save! You are able to rescue. Thank You!


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