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When You’re Overwhelmed

The Lord said to Moses, “Is the Lord’s power limited? Now you shall see whether My word will come true for you or not.”
Numbers 11:23 NASB

Sometimes, the situation seems so overwhelming, that we don’t acknowledge the power of God to move and come to our rescue.

Moses was surrounded by people complaining about their food situation. Instead of being grateful to God for coming through for them and freeing them from a life of slavery, they recalled how “good” they had it as slaves in Egypt. Their stomachs ruled their hearts.

Their complaining affected Moses so much that he started to question God, asking where he was going to get enough meat for the complaining Israelites. Even Moses forgot who his provider was.

God quickly put Moses in his place. He would send so much quail that the people would have it coming out of their nostrils. And He did! 

It is very easy to get overwhelmed. When we do, it is hard to see anything else but our situation. Even Moses, who saw first hand God move nightly, fell into this trap!

The Bible has been given to us for many reasons. One is to be an example to us on how to live. It encourages us how to live, trust and believe God who always comes through for us. We see the examples and stories of those who walked with God before us and it gives us a glimpse into who He is and how He operates!

God always comes through! His arm is not too short or His power is not diminished. Trust, believe and obey! 

If you need encouragement, get into the Word. Find Scriptures that speak to your situation. Be patient. Why wouldn’t God, the Father, move in your situation? He will! He loves you. He loved you so much He sent Jesus to die on a cross so that you could have eternal life and live with Him forever! 
So, in the situations that you are dealing with, your feelings of being overwhelmed, go to Him. He can handle it!

Lord, when things get to be too much, help us. Give us an extra measure of Faith. Give us Your strength. Send Your mercy down so that we have the ability to trim to You and allow You to move in our situation. 


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