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When You’re Biblically Wrong

Now immediately, when Jesus realized in his spirit that they were contemplating such thoughts, he said to them, “Why are you thinking such things in your hearts?
Mark 2:8 NET

Jesus didn’t shy away from dealing with the religious leader’s feelings and thoughts. He knew in His spirit what they were thinking, and so he let them know that the way they were thinking was wrong.

The way the experts understood their relationship with God wasn’t correct. It seems like He was always trying to correct their understanding.

They chose to stick to their beliefs, that weren’t always based in God’s Word. As a result, they missed the Son of God right in front of them.

Do you have beliefs that are not truly based on the Word of God? Maybe they are based on the way YOU think God should be. Maybe they are beliefs that you acquired from someone who didn’t know God’s Word themselves. Maybe they are beliefs that you read in a book.

True Christians need to have their knowledge and understanding of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, based on the Word of God!

This means that they need to read it and spend time in it. It is THAT important!

Ask the Father to give you a love and desire for reading, learning and knowing His Word. That is definitely a prayer that He would want to answer!

Father, thank You for Your Word. As I read it, give me more of a desire and passion for it. Help me to understand it and apply it to my life. Reveal Yourself to me as I read it through the illumination of the Holy Spirit.


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