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When Turmoil Comes

This is a prayer of Habakkuk the prophet: Lord, I have heard the report of what you did;
I am awed, Lord, by what you accomplished. In our time repeat those deeds; in our time reveal them again. But when you cause turmoil, remember to show us mercy!
Habakkuk 3:1-2 NET

Sometimes it is difficult to look around at what is happening in the world and wonder where God is in all of it. Many people will take up a side on a specific issue and focus on that while there are still so many other things that are worthy or unworthy of support.

But ultimately what matters is what God deems important. He allows the world to take their positions, but He will make known His! That is what the Biblical pattern shows.

That is what the Prophet Habakkuk was praying. God will deal with this world. He will deal with injustice and unrighteousness. It will happen as it has before. I encourage you to read the Bible on this.

But Habakkuk also prayed that those who belong to the Lord would receive His mercy in those times.

You don’t have to fear crazy times. You need to trust and obey Him. He has you. He has you better than you can take care of yourself.

As the world gets crazier, and it will, put your trust in Him, not in anything man-made.

He’s been here before. He knows what He’s doing.

In what area do you need to trust Him more?

Father, as the world moves farther away from Your grace and mercy, let those who desire to walk in Your ways trust You even more. Move mighty in our lives so we might be a witness and a light to those who seek You.


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