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When the Watchmen Don’t Watch

“And I set watchmen over you,saying,
‘Listen to the sound of the trumpet!’
But they said, ‘We will not listen.’
Jeremiah 6:17 NASB

The prophet Jeremiah was obedient to share with the people everything that God was showing him. In contrast, here he is condemning the fact that even the watchmen, those appointed to watch and sound the alarm if an enemy approached, did not care to listen or warn others.

It boils down that these watchmen, like all the rest of the people in this chapter, didn’t want anything to do with the Lord. They were comfortable and enjoyed life, not concerning themselves with the laws and commands of the Lord. As a result, God was not first, and all the warnings and attempts to get His people to turn back to Him failed. 

So, God was  going to send a disaster on them. But the people wouldn’t be warned because the watchmen weren’t listening and didn’t care.

When we don’t have time for God, He will get our attention. He is a jealous God. But that means that He knows the best place for His people is to be in the middle of His presence. His correction, His discipline is always to get us back there. Unfortunately, we are stubborn.

Is God trying to get your attention? If He was, would you know it? Or, would He have to be so drastic that everything came crumbling down around you to get you to relent?

The people of Israel, their exile and the destruction of the temple and Jersualem was a big move for God to get His people to come back to Him. It took something huge to get them to turn from their wicked ways and acknowledge Him as God.

Don’t go there! Don’t be stubborn! Turn to Him today! There is nothing worth not being in God’s presence. But there is huge benefits to walking in His ways.

Examine your life and your heart. Are you listening? Are you looking and searching for the things of God? Don’t be distracted by all life has to offer that you miss out serving and living for the author and creator of life!

Lord, help us to learn from Your Word and the mistakes the people of Israel. Help us to stay focused on You and walk in Your ways.


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