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When the Season Comes

Is anything impossible for the Lord? I will return to you when the season comes round again and Sarah will have a son.”
Genesis 18:14 NET

We realize at an early age that we are limited to what we can do. Strength, energy, height, weight, time, money, knowledge can only take us so far.

But not God!

There is nothing limiting Him! He can do whatever He wants. He can accomplish whatever He says.

This means that when He says something to you, it’s as good as done!

Even more so, what He says in His Word is true! It will be accomplished. If it is not, then God is a liar. And God isn’t a liar!

What seems so impossible to you today that you can’t imagine a possible and favorable outcome?

Like Sarah, we might laugh to ourselves that whatever it is, is impossible. But God isn’t laughing.

He already knows it is a done deal.

Trust Him to accomplish His Word in His time, in the season He has established.

Father, You are not limited in anything. Forgive me when I don’t see the answer and doubt. Instead, let me trust and obey You while I wait for You to accomplish Your Word in due season.


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