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When Prayer Changed God’s Mind

20 So the Lord said, “I have pardoned them according to your word;
Numbers 14:20 NASB

God was done with the Israelites. He had brought them all the way to the land of Cannan. The spies had gone in and confirmed it was a land flowing with milk and honey. But 10 out of the 12 started telling everyone that the inhabitants were too big for them to conquer. Of course, they never thought that the God who performed all the mighty miracles in Egypt and the Wilderness would also help them conquer the land too.

Immediately the people started grumbling and complaining. They even said that  they should appoint a leader and go back to Egypt….Back to slavery! What in the world!

God had enough and was ready to wipe out the Israelites. He told Moses that He would start over with him and make him into a great nation.

But Moses, being the intercessor that he was, immediately started interceding for the Israelites. His prayer changed God’s mind. And God relented from destroying the Israelites.

Moses was a man who walked very close to God. He didn’t just throw up casual prayers every once in a while. In fact, he was so close to God that God told Aaron and Miriam that He communicated face to face with him.

Prayer is powerful. God loves to move in the lives of His people. But we need to make sure that He isn’t some cosmic Santa Claus that we go to when we want something. We commune with Him, we spend time with Him because we love Him. And like a good Father, He wants to give us good things, including answering our prayers.

Are you developing a true relationship with God or is it a la carte? That won’t work with Him. Give God your all! Make Him the most important relationship you have. Everything else will fall into place.

Lord, thank You for being active in our lives and even answering our prayers. Help us to stay in Your will and consitent with what You desire for us.


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