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When He Answers You…

‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’
Jeremiah 33:3 NASB

Some people view God the Father as a Zeus type character. He’s someone “up there” waiting for us to make a mistake so he could throw thunderbolts at us. That character only keeps people around for his amusement.

But God the Father isn’t like that. He is a God who cares AND listens. He looks down on us and comes close to us if we desire Him to. He never forces Himself on us. He doesn’t make us love and serve Him.

He does want us to call on Him. And when we do, He promises to show us some great and mighty things.

How could that not appeal to us? Here is the God who created everything, letting us know that if we call to Him, He will show us some awesome things. Why wouldn’t you want to call on Him? Why wouldn’t you want to know some great and mighty things for your life? The life of your family? The life of your church? The life of you relationships? The life that is so general or crazy, that knowing what God thinks would blow you away!?!

Jeremiah prophesied that we should call on Him. This is not a nice thought or something the preacher does. This is something you do, in your personal time with Him.

This won’t happen if you’re not intentional. Don’t expect God to show you great and mighty things in your one minute prayer between your vehicle and the front door of your job. 

Give Him the honor and respect He deserves as a God who will show you great and might things. Expect it! But this means that you need to spend time with Him!

That was the problem in Jeremiah’s day. Everyone wanted the blessings of God, but no one wanted to honor and spend time actually calling, listening and obeying Him.

Try it today!

Lord, forgive me for not honoring and respecting Your time. I desire to know You more intimately and desire to know Your great and mighty things.


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