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When God Fights For You

6 “Now therefore, Tattenai, governor of the province beyond the River, Shethar-bozenai and your colleagues, the officials of the provinces beyond the River, keep away from there. 7 Leave this work on the house of God alone; let the governor of the Jews and the elders of the Jews rebuild this house of God on its site.
Ezra 6:6-7 NASB

The Jews in exile were given permission to go back to their land, the land of Israel, and rebuild the temple of God. The King of Persia actually gave them back many items that King Nebecanezar had taken when he destroyed it.

While they were working on the temple, foreigners who lived around Jerusalem, caused a big stink and wrote complaining ti the King of Persia. He wrote back to leave them alone. He also ordered them to provide supplies as they needed.

When God wants to do something in your life, He will provide the resources and ability to do it. It doesn’t mean that everything will go smooth and that it will be smooth sailing, because in the work we do for the Lord, He still grows us. We still need to trust and depend on Him. And we need to know that He fights for us!

What are you going through that you need Gods help with? When we trust Him, He will provide.

Yes, we get into a lot of mess because of our own doing. Even still, when we humble ourselves, repent of our sins, He comes through.

Have you taken the time to seek Him? Do you have faith to go to Him in your time of need.

The Father loves you. He sent Jesus to Earth so that you could have a right relationship with Him. Surely He will hear your prayer as you cry out to Him.

Lord, thank You for loving us so much. Thank You for always coming to our rescue when we need You. Thank You for fighting for us.


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