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When God Changed His Mind

2 And it came about, when it had finished eating the vegetation of the land, that I said,

“Lord God, please pardon!
How can Jacob stand,
For he is small?”
3 The Lord changed His mind about this.
“It shall not be,” said the Lord.
Amos 7:2-3 NASB

God is a merciful God. Even though He chooses a course of action, He will respond to His people’s prayers. In this case, Amos saw a vision of destruction on evil Israel, but he prayed and God changed His mind.

There are two very important things to remember as a result of this passage. The first is that the people of God need to be in close communion with God. This means that we are reading His Word, praying and walking in the leading of the Holy Spirit. If we don’t stay close to God, we won’t know what is going on spiritually.

The second thing is that we need to be people who are praying and asking God to move in our lives, the people around us and the circumstances we all find ourselves in.

God answers prayer and changes His mind, not because He doesn’t know what He is doing, but because He is a loving, kind, merciful Father.

But it is important to remember, although God did change His mind twice, He finally does go through with judgement. He has to deal with sin and disobedience if people don’t change their ways.

There are people all around me who are going through situations. I need to be aware and go to God to intercede for them.

I should be interceding for my nation, the politicians and any other things too. Amos’ prayer was for God to change His mind to bring judgement on the nation of Israel. We find ourselves in the same situation today.

Lord, thank You for Your mercy and kindness. I pray that You would be merciful on those who are far away from You. Convict them of sin through the Holy Spirit and let them come into a right relationship with You.


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