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When God Calls You, Listen!

And He was saying, “For this reason I have said to you, that no one can come to Me unless it has been granted him from the Father.”
John 6:65 NASB

When you feel the “tug” on your heart to get closer to Jesus, that is God the Father, through the Holy Spirit doing it. That doesn’t happen on accident and it is not your emotions.

The Father desires everyone to come to Him through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. He tugs. He calls to you. He sends people in your path that can help point you to Him.

But in the end, He does not force you. The decision to follow Him is yours. The choice to turn from living for yourself and living for God has to be your own.

And this choice…How you live here on this Earth, dictates your eternity!

Many people think they “miss out” because they start to live their life for God. They might think about all the “fun” their friends are having and might even be made fun of by others.

Have you, as a Christian, ever stopped to think about all the things that you’re not missing: emotional baggage, the hangovers, the worry about STD’s, living life with no peace, just trying to make it and get to a point, some day, when you will be a little happy?

We live on this Earth until Jesus comes back. This is our temporary home. Set your eyes to Heaven!

Lord, I can’t imagine anyone not knowing what it is like to know You, live in Your peace and know they hope that Your son’s and daughter’s have. Help us to be lights in this dark world. And help others identify the call of the Holy Spirit and come to You.


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