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When Did God Change?

2 The Lord said to Moses: “Tell your brother Aaron that he shall not enter at any time into the holy place inside the veil, before the mercy seat which is on the ark, or he will die; for I will appear in the cloud over the mercy seat.
Leviticus 16:2 NASB

Isn’t it very odd that the Hebrews coming out of Egypt, heading to the land that God promised them, had to treat the things of God with such holiness?

There were so many rules and regulations that they had to follow to make sure they did everything correctly. And if they didn’t, they were “cut off” from the rest of the people or sometimes even died. 

After all these years, did God change? After the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus, is it OK that holiness and reverence for the things of God ceased? 

The fact is that we can treat and handle the things of God like common everyday things. Most Christians don’t know what it is to walk in reverence and holiness anymore. When the topic comes up, accusations of legalism are thrown around.

Did God change? No He didn’t! And we should realize that we come to a Holy God, One who requires total submission, respect and reverence.

Coming to the Lord is a privilege that only a few men in Only Testament times knew. On this side of the resurrection, we can all approach the throne of Christ to find help in our times of need. But when we do, do we approach Him reverently?

He is holy! He deserves our very best. When we don’t have time for Him, or offer up 2 minute prayers because we are so busy, or don’t take time to read His Word, we say He is not holy! We say, by our actions and what is in our heart, that He is not worthy. 

But God looks deeper than the surface. He looks into our hearts and He knows our motivations. 

Treat the things of God as holy and take time to revere Him. The men of old would have loved to be able to do what we take for granted.

Lord, forgive us when we don’t spend the time with You or honor You like You deserve. Give us hearts to understand the magnitude of our time in Your presence. Help us to treat time with You as holy and help us to desire it more and more each day.


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