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What They Would Say

Then he must remove all of its fat (just as fat was removed from the peace offering sacrifice) and the priest must offer it up in smoke on the altar for a soothing aroma to the Lord. So the priest will make atonement on his behalf and he will be forgiven.
Leviticus 4:31 NET

Past generations will look on us with unbelief because we had the ability to go to the Lord at any time, anywhere and be in His Presence.

Past generations, those who worshipped God before Jesus’ resurrection, always had to go to the Tabernacle or the Temple. They had to travel to Jerusalem.

They needed an altar and a priest and animals to sacrifice. It was messy and they saw the result of their sin as the blood of animals was drained right in front of them.

But we, we can’t even spend 30 minutes in prayer a day, in our own home, whenever we choose.

We can’t open up His Word and read it with any significant amount of time and understanding to it because we are so busy.

We can’t even get up on Sunday mornings to go to church because we need to get our “rest” or we are too busy or whatever other excuse comes up!

We have it easy! What would they say about how we prioritize our relationship with the Lord?

And if He isn’t important now, why will He all of the sudden be important at that last moment when we breathe our last breath or when the sky splits open and Jesus returns?

You will make room for what is important! You will elevate what is a priority to you.

Father, forgive me when I put other things before You. Thank You that I can close my eyes and bow my head and talk to You anywhere and at anytime. Help me to always value and prioritize my relationship with You.


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