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What He Says, He Says

But there was not a man among these who had been among those numbered by Moses and Aaron the priest when they numbered the Israelites in the wilderness of Sinai. For the Lord had said of them, “They will surely die in the wilderness.” And there was not left a single man of them, except Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun.
Numbers 26:64-65 NET

The Lord proves His point! His first desire was to bring the Israelites into the Promised Land fairly quickly. However, because of their disobedience, the Lord sent them to the wilderness, where all of that group old enough to know better died.

40 years later, God brings them to the edge of the Promised Land again and asks them to number themselves again.

Imagine looking around, checking the list and realizing that everyone from that first generation, except two, we’re gone.

The Lord doesn’t play with what He says or means! He hold everyone accountable! And although He is rich in mercy, what His Word says, is what it says!

Don’t neglect knowing what the Lord wants because you didn’t read His Word! That won’t be an excuse on the Judgement Day!

There are many ways that Jesus reveals Himself to us. But you need to respond and realize that your response dictates the future for you!

He will perform His Word, all the blessings and all the curses that He has already established a long time ago. Do you know His Word well enough?

Lord, thank You for Your Word. Help me to understand that You have revealed Your will and desire for my life in Your Word. Help me to understand it through the power of the Holy Spirit. Help me to apply your Word to my life.


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