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What Does He Say?

He answered, “Truly I am the commander of the Lord’s army. Now I have arrived!” Joshua bowed down with his face to the ground and asked, “What does my master want to say to his servant?”
Joshua 5:12 NET

How busy are you today? Do you have plans and errands to run? What if the Lord wanted to break into your plans and set you on another path today? Would you do it? Willingly?

Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan and runs into a figure with a sword. Joshua asked if he was a friend or foe. He didn’t realize it was the Lord at the time.

However, when he realized it was the Lord, Joshua bowed down and asked, “What does my master want to say to his servant?”

Would you be able to say that? And if you were, would you allow the Lord to change your plans or direction?

So many times we set our agenda and then ask the Lord to bless it, instead of just asking, “what does my master want to say to his servant?”

The other side of this is the obedience piece. There wasn’t even a thought that Joshua wouldn’t do what the Lord asked. He just needed to know what He wanted.

Do you obey so readily?

It might disrupt your plans and ideas. It might set you on another path. But, would you be obedient to the Word of the Lord?

Start with His Word that He has already given you. Know and obey the Bible. Set your life on His ways. Then, when He asks you to obey Him in other, specific things for your life, you just do it because you have built a history of trust and obedience to His Word.

The Lord still speaks today. Are you listening? Are you obeying?

Father, help me to obey Your Word and walk in obedience to Your will. Bless my steps since they are the steps that You have set before me.


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