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What Does God See?

Noah did according to all that the Lord had commanded him.
Genesis 7:5 NASB

Because God is active in this world, He notices our lives and our response to Him. He delights in those who choose to live for Him and obey His commands.

When He finds someone who is willing to obey, He uses them, maybe even to save the human race from extinction.

God used Noah to start over. He didn’t look for a good person. He didn’t settle for someone who wasn’t “that bad.” He found in Noah, someone who was righteous, right with God. There is no other way to live. 

When we choose to live, to the best of our abilities, to be right with God, we are noticed by Him and we are a blessing to those around us.

What does God see when He looks deep within your heart? Don’t think about what you would like Him to see. What does He really see?

Like Noah, you have a choice how you want to live. And on this side of the resurrection, Jesus has promised the Holy Spirit to help you. 

So if you have the desire to live righteously for God, you can do it. It’s your choice! But remember, it is the choice God looks for!

What an awesome way to live…To be pleasing to Him!

Lord, as You look down from Heaven, I pray that You are pleased with me. If there is anything that You are not pleased with, please help me to remove it from my life. There is no one like You. And you are my desire.


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