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What Are You Putting In The Dirt?

18 The wicked earns deceptive wages,
But he who sows righteousness gets a true reward.
Proverbs 11:18 NASB

Many people are far removed from gardening or farming nowadays. I believe if more people worked the dirt, they would understand this powerful truth more clearly.

When you put a seed into the ground, you are placing in the dirt potential. That seed, at the right time, will germinate, grow and produce fruit. One seed will produce a lot of fruit!

So when you sow righteousness (being right with God) in the proper time, it will bear much fruit. Consequently, if you sow wickedness, it will bear much fruit too!

If you take a long hard look at your life, what fruit are you seeing? Are you seeing fruit that comes from righteousness or fruit that comes from wickedness?

Remember, take a LONG hard look. Seed takes a while to germinate and grow BEFORE you see the fruit. Your life right now can be a result of seed you sowed long ago.

If the fruit that you are producing doesn’t glorify God, what are you willing to do to change that? What are you willing to sow now for a righteous harvest in the near future?

Look around. Be a fruit inspector. Throw out the bad fruit and start sowing good seed.

Lord, we thank You that Your promises are true. Help us to stand on the promises and sow the seeds that bring about righteous results. When everything is counted, we know that You alone are the most important in our lives.


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