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Weapons and Vindication

No weapon forged to be used against you will succeed;
you will refute everyone who tries to accuse you.
This is what the Lord will do for his servants—
I will vindicate them,”
says the Lord.
Isaiah 54:17 NET

When someone uses a weapon against you, when they accuse you, they obviously have a problem with you.

But in that situation, those who belong to the Lord are vindicated by Him. Their evil efforts will not succeed!

What else do you want than a God who fights for His people?

A God who is All Powerful, All Knowing, Everywhere at the same time, this is who has your back.

But in the time between the attack and the time the Lord vindicates you, don’t turn from the One who is might to save you.

There might seem like there is a delay. You might feel some discomfort. But trust in Him!

The Lord’s mercy will drive all of that away. The uneasiness, stress and anxiety you felt will be forgotten.

He knows. He is coming to your rescue. He is mighty to save you in any circumstance.

Wait and watch Him move. When you see the Lord’s work, it will increase your faith and trust in Him.

Father, help me to be patient and wait on You. Thank You that the uneasiness that is felt is all for nothing when Your plan is realized.


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