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Walk In To Eternity Free!

33 Should you not also have had mercy on your fellow slave, in the same way that I had mercy on you?’

Matthew 18:33 NASB

In the verses that follow the one above, the servant had been forgiven a huge amount. The servant would have never been able to repay the debt if the master hadn’t forgiven it. 

His life changed in one instant! He went from a man who he and his whole family were going to be sold into slavery, to a free man. But it didn’t take long for the feeling of freedom to wear off and he was demanding paymemt from someone who only owed him a fraction of what he previously owed.

He was found out and the initial debt was reinstated. He was going to spend time…all eternity, thinking about how stupid his behavior was and how he missed out on a different life because he couldn’t forgive.

The servant received total forgiveness of his debt, but he wasn’t grateful. He easily forgot what the master had done for him. He squandered the gift of forgiveness he had been given.

How sad when we forget how much the Father has forgiven us. We had a debt so huge that we would have spent all eternity in Hell because we wouldn’t have been able to pay it.

But Jesus paid it all! And we can walk into eternity free from sin and death. That revelation alone should completely change our outlook. That revelation should cause us to live differently! 

Be grateful! Understand what Jesus has done for you. And as a result, forgive those who have hurt you. Let forgiveness make a full circle.   Forgive those who have offended, said mean things, lied to you, hurt you. It isn’t worth holding on to those things.

Walk into eternity free!

Lord, help us to understand the magnitude of what You did for us when You forgave us. Help us to free give that to others to. Help us to let go of every offense, like You did.


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