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Waiting for the Harvest

Those who shed tears as they plant
will shout for joy when they reap the harvest.
Psalms 126:5 NET

There is a pay-off coming! Sometimes it is hard to see or wait for. But when it happens, it is a true blessing.

Have you ever put a pole bean seed in the ground? They are bigger than most seed which I like because they are easier to handle.

But you must put them in the ground, water them and wait. And wait. Things are happening, but you don’t see it! It’s happening in the ground.

After a few days you start to see a seedling pop-up. It’s fragile. You could pick it out of the ground with two fingers without any effort.

But you continue to water it.

Soon you get a vine that wants to wrap itself around something. If you don’t provide some sort of pole for it to go vertical, it will find something on its own.

If you water it, it will continue to grow.

Then before you know it, you will get leaves and blooms and those blooms will turn to bean pods.

One little plant can provide so many beans. It’s truly remarkable. And at that point, you can’t easily pull it up out of the ground. It is established and will continue to produce through the season.

When you try to live for Jesus, sometimes it seems so hard. You don’t always see fruit right away and it seems like things are so fragile.

But when you continue to “water” your life through the reading of His Word and you continue to “support” the things of God inside of you, you will see the fruit soon enough.

At that point, all the waiting and striving and heartache that you’ve felt along the way will have been worth it.

It’s easy to follow…sow and plant, wait on the Lord and reap His harvest in your life.

Father, thank You for making Your Word so plain that anyone can understand. Help me to sow Your Word in my life, water it through the Holy Spirit and provide a harvest for Your glory.


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