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But we would like to hear from you what you think, for regarding this sect we know that people everywhere speak against it.”
Acts 28:22 NET

When Paul arrived in Rome as a prisoner, he lived in a house and people were allowed to visit him.

After he was there for a few days, he called the Jewish leaders and spoke to them about the reason he was in Rome, but more importantly, Jesus.

They wanted to hear about Jesus and what Paul had to say because others would speak against it.

And after 2018 years, nothing has changed! People still speak against Christians. In fact, it has really ramped up the last 10-15 years.

This will be the way it will be until the end. Christians will be persecuted in various ways, made fun of and threatened.

When you experience it, you need to determine how you will respond. Take a cue from Paul, continue sharing the message, speaking the Word to those who would hear.

The thing about our faith is that when people finally take a moment to seek Jesus, they realize He is real and exactly what they needed. Until the very last day, people will be seeking the Lord.

Don’t get discouraged by what you see and hear, let your light shine in the darkness and draw people who are seeking the Lord to Him.

Father, help me to be a light in this world for You. Help me to be led by the Holy Spirit to speak when I’m supposed to. Use me in Your service.


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