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Turning Away

When God saw their deeds, that they turned from their wicked way, then God relented concerning the calamity which He had declared He would bring upon them. And He did not do it.
Jonah 3:10 NASB

You always hear that in the Old Testament, God is a god of wrath and in the New Testament, God is a God of love. That is frankly not true! God never changes! 

When we read that God punished or destroyed people in the Only Testament, it was for disobedience. He requires obedience and loyalty to His Word. He also tells us that He is a jealous God. He will not share the glory with any other, because they are not worthy.

The prophet Jonah was upset because he knew that God was a forgiving God. He wanted to see the wicked people of Ninevah destroyed. But he knew that God would relent if they turned away from their sins.

When someone turns from their sin, it isn’t a mental decision only. It is a change in behavior and practice. It is a turning around.

God saw that the people of Ninevah made a complete 180 and started crying out to Him. That is what God wants in the first place. He is looking for people who put Him first above everything else.

Does God still operate like this? He doesn’t change! He is still looking for people who obey Him and put Him first above everything else.

Is there something that you put before God? Is there something, other than God, that causes you to rearrange your whole life or your day?

Put God first! He is worthy and He desires it! 

Start making a commitment that the things of God come before anything else….Anything else! 

You have this awesome opportunity to worship and live for the God of Heaven! Why would you give that opportunity to anything or anyone else?

Lord, thank You that we can worship You and give You priase. We can do that anywhere and at anytime. We don’t have to travel to a temple or a sanctuary. Help us to not take You or Your presence for granted!


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