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Turn to Him

The arrogance of Israel testifies against him, yet they refuse to return to theLord their God! In spite of all this they refuse to seek him!
Hosea 7:15 NET

Why don’t people take a moment to truly reflect on their situation and consider that God is the best thing for them?

Instead, many people, even people who consider themselves Believers, try to grind it out, only to find themselves spinning their wheels and never get to the point where they turn to God for help, guidance and blessings.

God the Father wants you right in the middle of His will. He knows that is the best place for you.

Why make it so hard? Turn to God and let Him bless your life.

Are you trying to figure it all out on your own? Have you tried going to God and asking for His help?

He comes to the rescue of His people.

Father, thank You that in Your Presence their is peace, safety and mercy. You desire to be active in my life. Help me to always turn to You instead of trying to get it all right on my own.


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