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Trusting is Scary Sometimes

When they had appointed elders for them in the various churches, with prayer and fasting they entrusted them to the protection of the Lord in whom they had believed.
Acts 14:23 NET

As the Church was growing, it was necessary to appoint leaders who would help to watch over and lead the Christians in the cities where people were getting saved. It’s important to understand that these appointed elders, in these newly found churches, didn’t go to seminary. They didn’t have years of experience serving the Lord in ministry. The church was still young.

There were qualifications that the Apostles and missionaries looked for. But the most important thing was that they were entrusted to the Lord.

It might have been a scary thing for Paul and some of the other leaders to entrust these new churches to new Believers, but they were much more confident that God was in control. They trusted that the Holy Spirit would do His work.

Ultimately, that is all we can do. We need to learn to hand things over to the Lord and trust Him and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t take any responsibility at all. Paul and the other church leaders left the elders of new churches with instructions. They prayed and fasted before they chose them. But there comes a time when you just have to trust the Lord.

Do what you can do. Do it with the leading of the Holy Spirit. Ask God to help. But after you’ve done what the Lord has called you to do, let Him have it. Trust Him!

Trusting in the Lord is scary sometimes because you take your hand of control off the situation. But in reality, we usually mess things up more because we try to manipulate and force things.

Trusting in the Lord in the big things doesn’t happen overnight. Trust is built overtime. This isn’t God’s problem, it is ours because we don’t let go. But as we do, we see Him move more and more.

Start trusting in Him! If you need to, trust Him in the smaller things. You will see that He doesn’t let you down when you walk and trust according to His will.

Keep a journal of how He has moved in your life. Then, you can always look back to see how He has moved in your life.

Lord, I trust You. You only want the best for me. I’ve seen your goodness throughout my life and trust even more.


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