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True Actions

For I see that you are in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity.”
Acts 8:23 ESV

When Philip preached in Samaria, many people believed and we’re baptized. One man who did this was Simon. He was a magician and experienced some fame because he could perform tricks in front of others.

But when he saw that new converts would receive the Holy Spirit when the Apostles laid their hands on them, he offered to pay for the ability to do this.

Peter, led by the Holy Spirit knew that his reasoning wasn’t pure. Simon was truly wanting the fame and respect he once had, before Philip arrived on the scene, back.

We might not seek to live for the Lord for fame, but we need to make sure our reasons are pure. We need to make sure that we live for Jesus because we realize we are a sinner and we need a Savior.

We need to come to the truth that without Jesus, life is a dead end. But with Him, everything is set right.

We need to realize that we were created for fellowship with the Father and Jesus is the only reason we can do this.

Don’t let your faith have any other foundation than Jesus. Seek first His Kingdom and everything else falls into place.

Have you thought about why and what you believe lately? Does it drive your actions or does something else dictate how you act and react to this world?

Father, help me to have a pure heart that follows You. Help my actions and thoughts to line up with Yours.


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