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For not in my bow do I trust, nor can my sword save me.
Psalms 44:6 ESV

Do you have skills? Are you able to figure things out, make thing happen and find a way no matter what?

This sort of attitude and drive is highly appreciated by others.

And those who are able to operate like this, tend to depend on themselves and their abilities to succeed.

But what if instead of your abilities being the catalyst to achievement, it was the Lord working through you?

Would you give Him the glory for it?

The Psalmist wrote that he didn’t trust in his own bow or sword to deliver him. He realized that it was the Lord who saved him.

The bow and sword are tools.

Your use of then is God working through you to accomplish His plan in your life.

What tools does God use in your life? Do you give Him the glory and honor because He chooses to use you?

Take a moment to reflect on ways that you are successful in various areas of life and ask the Lord to reveal His plan in it. You might see a long track record of God using you in a mighty way.

Father, thank You for using me. Help me to stay humble as you continue to use me for Your glory.


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