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Time with You

So Peter was kept in prison, but those in the church were earnestly praying to God for him.
Acts 12:5 NET

The Scene: Peter is in prison, surrounded by four squads of guards. He is in the inner prison, asleep, between guards. Outside the prison cell, more guards. And still more guards after that.

By all human reasoning, Peter is done for. He is more than likely going to be beheaded like the first Apostolic martyr, James, the brother of John.

But the church was praying!

They weren’t just praying, they were praying earnestly!

Why didn’t the church mobilize a rescue? Why didn’t they conduct protests? Why didn’t they petition King Herod or call the local news and activists? Why didn’t they shout it loud and proud on social media?

No! Instead they prayed! They prayed because they knew that there was no other power greater than God moving through the Holy Spirit.

And God answered their prayer!

Christians don’t really pray anymore. Yes, they say grace before eating. They might recite some lines as they go to bed. They REALLY pray when they go to church and the pastor prays and extended five minute prayer (sorry sarcasm). But they really don’t pray.

Prayer is a discipline that should be a part of every Believer life. It should be the go to in times of need.

When we pray, we talk to the Lord AND listen. We become sensitive to what the Lord is saying and grow in our relationship with Him.

He reveals Himself to us more and more as we spend time with Him.

Just like a spouse would never stand for very limited access to the other, knowing that a relationship like that will not be strong or last, the same is true for our prayer time and relationship with the Lord.

How is your prayer time? It should be so thrilling that you desire to do so without fail.

The awesome thing to remember is that the God of all creation wants to spend time with you!

Lord, You are the most important relationship to me. I desire to spend the best part of my day with You. Help me to know You more.


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