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Those Who Surround You

When Abigail saw David, she got down quickly from the donkey, threw herself down before David, and bowed to the ground. Falling at his feet, she said, “My lord, I accept all the guilt! But please let your female servant speak with my lord! Please listen to the words of your servant!
1 Samuel 25:23-24 NET

David was on his way to kill Nabal. David’s men had provided a security services to Nabal’s men while they watched their flocks.

When it was time to shear the flock, Nabal had a great celebration for his men. David sent word down and asked Nabal if he could spare anything.

Nabal responded foolishly to David’s men and insulted David.

As David was on his way with 400 men to wipe out Nabal and all the males in his household, Nabal’s wife found out and quickly put together supplies to take to David and his men.

Her kind words and inspiration changed David’s mind and kept him from killing all of Nabal’s men.

Nabal didn’t realize how foolish he was. The wisest thing he ever did was marry Abigail. She saved the lives of many people that day.

Who do you surround yourself with? Do you surround yourself with people that are wise, inspiring and encouraging? Do you surround yourself with people that will give you the Word of the Lord?

The people who you let influence you make a big difference in your attitude and the way you see things. Make sure you surround yourself with godly people!

Father, thank You for friends and family who know You and will always proclaim Your goodness to us. Help me to be someone that will share Your Word as well!


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