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Those Special Times

7 Therefore Jesus said, “Let her alone, so that she may keep it for the day of My burial. 8 For you always have the poor with you, but you do not always have Me.” John 12:7-8 NASB

Was Jesus being insensitive to the poor? Not at all! Instead, He was saying that the moment Mary anointed His feet, the time that He was spending on Earth, was a very special time.

Only a few people were able to truly see and know Jesus for who He was while He was here on Earth. For them, it was a special time. Those of us living outside of that time weren’t privileged to know Him face to face. We will one day. But the face to face was for His disciples and those who served Him and knew Him as the Risen Savior.

God gives us special times. They might not be a face to face with the Lord, but they are times that will mark us and change our lives. These are times that we can look back on and see what God was doing. These times build faith. These times keep us during dry and hard times.

I should take time to “take in” those special times. This happens when I walk with the Lord and the Holy Spirit helps me to identify a moment when God is moving, or He is glorified. It is a special time that God allows me to see and remember. I will always have the ability to do outreach and do good. But those special times in my life are…a glimpse into true joy in the peace and presence of God.

Lord, I don’t want to rush through life. I want to walk through and see what You have for me. I want to take in everything that You set before me, because everything from You is good. Thank You for those times that have already marked my life. I thank You in advance for the ones in the future.


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