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This World and the Next

For “physical exercise has some value, but godliness is valuable in every way. It holds promise for the present life and for the life to come.”
1 Timothy 4:8 NET

We don’t always think about how this life impacts the next. We live so much in the here and now. We try desperately to squeeze out every little drop of life here, that we often don’t give place to the fact that we will spend eternity in the next.

And it’s just not thinking and reflecting on eternity that brings benefit. Paul tells Timothy that godliness, respect and reverence for God, has benefits here and there.

Respect and reverence for the things of God is so old school. Those “older” Christians lived their whole life with reverence for the things of God. It wasn’t a Sunday morning or occasional thing. Their belief that God was God ruled and guided their life.

It’s a long-term outlook that we should have. This world is a dress rehearsal for the life to come. We learn what is important to God the Father here. We live for Him here and now. One day our time here will be up and that’s it!

Your next life will be determined by this life!

What will matter at that point when you stand on the other side of this life?

Will the sports statistics you memorized matter? The fact that you watched every season and episode of your favorite TV show? That you left this world with so much money in the bank?

None of that will matter!

It will be you and Jesus. And at that point, will He say He knows you?

When you consider your walk with the Lord, don’t evaluate yourself based on how others live. Instead, gauge how much you love the Lord.

We all understand love. We do crazy things for love. Do you love the Lord or is He something else to you?

Let the passion and the desire you have for the Lord drive your life.

Press into Him. Learn more about him. Spend time with Him. Read the Bible. Ask Him to lead you by the Holy Spirit.

You will never go wrong spending time with the Lord! The payoff is here and now AND later in eternity.

Lord, help me to prioritize my life and put You first. Give me a passion and desire for You that cannot be filled by anything found on this Earth.


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