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This Is War!

Beloved, I urge you as aliens and strangers to abstain from fleshly lusts which wage war against the soul.
1 Peter 2:11 NASB

You might not have thought that you were in a war! But you are! The lusts of the flesh and the things of this world are at war with the things of God. And in this war, there are no prisoners. You live or die…eternally.

This is hard for many Christians. We know we need to live right with God, but the world can have such a tight grasp on us that we find ourselves giving in to the lusts of the flesh. When we do that, our soul is in a fight, at war. And just like countries and nations, no people can war forever, eventually one side will win!

Peter tells us to abstain from worldly lusts. This means that there is a huge effort on our part to stay holy. There is an effort on our part to remove things…and even people…who make it easy to dwell on and stay around things that cause us to lust.

Peter also calls Christians foreigners and aliens. This Earth is not your home. If you are a true Christian, you are a citizen of Heaven. Many Christians need to start acting like it!

Be Holy! That’s easier said than done. We become holy when we are separated unto God. And this is how…

Do I love God more than anything else? Do I put anything else before Him? Is there anything that I wouldn’t willingly give up for Him? If not, there is a problem with my faith.

We don’t have to be perfect. God knows we can’t be. But my focus and priorities need to be aligned to Him, and Him alone. He is a jealous God, and rightfully so. There is none like Him. He deserves our very best, our all!

Spending more time in prayer, reading His Word, fellowship with the Saints and being surrounded with the things of God… This is how you win the war!

Lord, there is nothing more I desire than You. Help me when my flesh is weak. Give me strength because I want to live a life that honors and glorifies You.

Lord, take away everything in my life that is not of You. Surround me with Your presence and fill me with the Holy Spirit.


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