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Thinking First About Others

So Jacob tore his clothes, and put sackcloth on his loins and mourned for his son many days.
Genesis 37:34 NASB

Jacob’s sons conspired against their brother Joseph and sold him into slavery. To cover up their deed, they let their father believe that a wild animal had killed him. Joseph probably comes across a little spoiled, but he definitely didn’t deserve to be sold into slavery.

What the brothers did caused heartache to their father. He mourned greatly for his son. 

Our sin and wrongdoing hurts our relationship with God and others. We don’t always realize the pain it’s going to cause. Sometimes it’s minimal, sometimes there is a lot of damage. But it all hurts.

Jesus came and died to take away our sin and to right our relationship with the Father. His sacrificial death, atones for our sin.

This doesn’t mean that our sin can’t still hurt others, our loved ones and friends that we care about. The key is to think about others.

If Joseph’s brothers would have thought about how their actions would effect their father, they might have not sold Joseph into slavery.

And likely, we should think about others. We should think about how our actions will effect them. Will we bless or harm?

What a blessing it is when we our actions and words bless others instead of hurt them. That’s what Jesus did!

Lord, help us to think of others more than ourselves. Help us to be a blessing in our words and actions.


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