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The Work

But carefully select from among you, brothers, seven men who are well-attested, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we may put in charge of this necessary task.
Acts 6:3 NET

As the church was in its infancy, the Apostles realized that it was easy to get sucked in to the “work” of ministry and neglect the most important part, that people hear the Word of God.

An issue arose around serving food to widows. The Apostles realized that they were spending too much time dealing with this. So, they appointed men to oversee the distribution of food.

The thing here is that they looked for mighty men of God, full of the Holy Spirit.

Today, many churches have to deal with asking and pleading for volunteers because they are short-handed.

It is easy to enter into a consumer based mentality in dealing with church because that is how we deal with everything else. Many church going Believers feel that since they give to the church, that they are “paying” for the service and should be served.

In reality, many churches are barely keeping the lights on!

Christians need to look at their walk in a different way. They should be asking the Lord for direction on how and where to be involved and how they should be serving.

God is always moving around us. We should keep our eyes open on how He wants to use us. That might be at church, volunteering!

When that happens, it allows ministry to go forth unhindered.

Because of the men who were put in place, the Apostles we’re able to focus on the Word and many miraculous and powerful things were happening!

Pray about how you can be involved. See how you can fill a spot that would be a blessing to your local church.

Father, use me to be a blessing to others. Help me to serve so that my efforts will be a catalyst for Your Word to go forth unhindered.


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