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The Window

While you have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you may become sons of Light.” John 12:36a NASB

There are times in life when opportunity comes knocking. Sometimes there is a short window, other times, you have a lot longer. But at some point, the window of opportunity does close for you.

Jesus invited those around Him to believe in the Light, to believe in Him. The window to accept Him and have a personal relationship with the Father was opened!

And this opportunity was one of the greatest of all times! It allowed regular people to become sons and daughters of Light. It provided identity, understanding, salvation and eternal life.

And this opportunity is for you and me too! God, through Jesus Christ, has given us the opportunity to become sons and daughters of Light.

The invitation has been given, the opportunity is in your hands. The window is open!

Father, thank You for inviting a regular person like me into a loving relationship with You. Let those who You call accept the opportunity too!

Peace, Todd

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