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The Thing About Fortresses

He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.
Psalms 62:2 ESV

Did you ever build a “fortress” as a kid? If you did, it was probably pretty small. It might have been made of cardboard or blankets or if you were able, maybe even wood!

And after you finished constructing it, you would get in and imagine you were protected from dragons, an invading army or even your siblings.

But you had to be in the fortress!

Today we face real issues. Dragons have been replaced with health and relationship issues. Invading armies have been replaced with the moral decay we face in our society and our siblings, well…some still face that issue! 😀

But the good thing is that we have a real fortress now! This one isn’t made of temporary material! It is made of rock, and it is secure!

The thing is that you have to get in the fortress.

This means that you need to make Jesus your number one priority. He needs to be your everything. If He is not, then you’re not truly secure. If He is not, your fortress is made of cardboard and will fail when the dragons, invading armies and other concerns come up against you.

Don’t just give Jesus a day out of your week. Don’t just give Him a holiday or two. Give Him your whole life.

When He is Your Lord and Savior and Refuge, then nothing will shake you.

Father, thank You that I am safe and secure in Your Presence.


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