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The Support They Need

Therefore we ought to support such people, so that we become coworkers in cooperation with the truth.
3 John 1:8 NET

John wanted his friend to know that when others supported the work of the ministry, financially or in some other way, they were co-workers with them.

Many times, because of a our circumstances and life situation, we can’t go out to the mission field. But we can still partner with missionaries in their work!

A few ways you can help are…

Of course you can give financially. Traveling to other countries costs money. When they are there, it is better for the missionary to not have to work to support themselves. That way, they can spend their time ministering and reaching the lost.

Another way you can support missionaries is through prayer. The work they are doing is spiritual. There is a spiritual war going on and the evil forces of this world don’t want others evangelized. They need prayer support!

And, you can help promote them in your church and on social media. The more people who know of their work, the better chances they have for gaining and keeping support.

You might not be able to go, but you can be a huge partner in the work of the kingdom from where you are!

When was the last time you supported a Christian missionary?

Since I’ve already written on how you can apply this, let me add here that you should keep Christian missionaries front and center of your walk with the Lord.

Many times they are forgotten unless there is a special service at church.

If you can keep a picture or postcard of the missionary, their family or their work in your Bible or close by, that will be helpful to remember what they are doing for the kingdom and how you can support them.

Lord, help me to remember to support those who have left everything behind to further Your Kingdom in other parts of the world. Help me to become involved here through financial, prayer and publicity support.


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