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The Sign of Trouble

Zedekiah son of Josiah succeeded Jeconiah son of Jehoiakim as king. He was elevated to the throne of the land of Judah by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Neither he nor the officials who served him nor the people of Judah paid any attention to what the Lord said through the prophet Jeremiah.
Jeremiah 37:1-2 NET

What does it take for people to listen to the Lord? We can read stories in the Bible like about King Zedekiah, shake our heads and point to someone who failed because they were disobedient. But then we turn around and do the same exact thing!

How do we do the same thing? The prophet Jeremiah isn’t running around the city still saying, “Thus says the Lord…”

We do the same thing when we don’t obey the Word of God!

It’s plain and simple and there for you to read. You can get easier to understand versions, in digital, in leather, in large print, etc. But for the most part, the Word of God still goes unread and many find themselves living disobedient lives because they don’t care to know or understand what the Lord desires and what He requires!

And for any Believer who doesn’t care to know or learn what the Lord wants for their life, revealed through His Word, it is the first sign of trouble.

It’s just too simple! Instead of reading His Word and prayerfully living according to it, people want to stay dragons and jump through hoops.

Stop and read the Bible. There are so many options nowadays. Just start!

And when you do, ask the Lord to show you how you should respond to what you’ve read. And then be obedient.

It boils down to this… Lordship. Is Jesus your Lord and Savior? Many want Him to be their Savior. They don’t like the idea of going to Hell. But many don’t want to make Him Lord. Because that would mean that He calls the shots in your life.

When Jesus is Lord, you do things His way. Jesus said, “if you love me, you will keep my commands.”

His commands are found in the Bible. That is the very reason you should read and obey what the Word of God says.

Start today!

Lord, help me to read and understand Your Word. Give me a desire to read more and more and that Your Words cone alive to me through the inspiration and understanding of the Holy Spirit.


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