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The Right Path

Don’t you want your life to have meaning and purpose?

It’s easy to just bounce through life, day to day, and allow life to happen to you.

By the time you know it, you’ve spent years in a rut, not accomplishing anything of real value. You’ll look back at wasted time, money, relationships and more.

Why don’t we have a vision for our lives? Why aren’t we purposeful?

If you are truly living for Jesus and seeking His face, you will have vision. He will guide you and direct your path.

Don’t let years go by and look back with nothing to show for it. Impact all of eternity by living and being obedient to Jesus. Allow the Lord to guide you in winning souls and turning hearts back to Him.

There is no greater thing, than to shine your light for Jesus and point people to Him!

Is eternity part of your vision?

You lead me in the path of life;
I experience absolute joy in your presence; you always give me sheer delight.
Psalms 16:11 NET

Father, use me today. Help me to be a willing vessel that obeys Your Word and Holy Spirit. Let me be a light in the darkness that burns brightly for You.


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