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The Results of Disobedience

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon came against Jerusalem with his whole army and laid siege to it. The siege began in the tenth month of the ninth year that Zedekiah ruled over Judah. It lasted until the ninth day of the fourth month of Zedekiah’s eleventh year. On that day they broke through the city walls.
Jeremiah 39:1-2 NET

King Zedekiah was warned. He was told exactly what He needed to do, but he chose to not be obedient.

As a result, Jerusalem fell, King Zedekiah was captured and one of the last things he saw before his eyes were put out was the execution of his sons. All because he was disobedient to the Word of the Lord.

Why do people push God? He lays out exactly what He requires, but they don’t want to believe. Hardships are endured because of a lack of faith and obedience.

Contrast what happened to Zedekiah with Jeremiah. He was found by the Babylonians under guard and freed. He could have done whatever he wanted. He was saved, freed and given options. He was obedient to the Lord.

When you read the Biblical record, it makes no sense at all to choose to follow any other way other than the Lord’s!

Don’t learn the hard way. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t get to the end and regret your decisions. Trust and obey Him now!

Zedekiah listened to all the voices around him. He was afraid of what others thought instead of obeying what the Lord wanted. It didn’t end well for him and his family.

Have you taken the time to consider what the Lord wants from you?

You should start with the Bible. There you will find the basics of what God wants for you and how you should live.

But as you draw closer to the Lord and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, He will start revealing specifics that He wants from you.

And that should be your goal, to desire to live the way He wants you to live, the life that He wants you to have.

God is more powerful and wiser than you. He knows the future and what is best for you. It just makes sense to let Him establish your path. (Ps.16:11)

Lord, help me to understand Your Word so that I can obey You in everything. I know when I live according to Your ways, that Your hand will be upon me.


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