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The Proof is in the Fruit

But as for the seed that landed on good soil, these are the ones who, after hearing the word, cling to it with an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with steadfast endurance.
Luke 8:15 NET

Many people don’t pay close attention to the Parable of the Sower. If they did, they would check their heart everyday to how they were responding to God’s Word.

Many are deceived because they think that just receiving the Word is good enough. The key is to understand and allow the seed (Word of God) to grow in healthy soil.

Instead, people allow the devil to come and take it away. Others, during times of testing, abandon the Truth they heard. And then there are those who allow the worries, riches and pleasures of the world choke out what God wants to do.

The Word should be producing “fruit with steadfast endurance” in good soil.

What is important is that the Word of God will germinate and grow. The key is the soil – your heart. Is your heart right to know, listen and obey the Word of God? The proof is in the fruit.

The Word of God is transformational. Just observe a flower bud on a fruit tree sometime. The flower forms, but soon falls off as the fruit is left behind.

At first, you might not even see or recognize the fruit. But in time, it grows and is easily recognizable. When it ripens, it is good and brings joy to those who eat it.

Is your life being transformed? Are you growing spiritually or are you producing fruit that never matures?

Where were you a year ago, five years ago with the Lord? Can you see a change? More importantly, can others see a transformational change in you?

If not, check your heart, the soil you are planting in. Don’t allow the devil, the world or worries steal what God wants to do!

Lord, I don’t want to settle into a mediocre spiritual life. I desire a transformational life in You. Help me to have the right heart to listen and obey Your Word always.


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