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The Lord Hears!

The godly cry out and the Lord hears;
he saves them from all their troubles.
Psalms 34:17 NET

God isn’t like the Greek gods we studied in mythology. He isn’t up in Heaven somewhere waiting for us to mess up so He can throw thunderbolts at us. No, instead He is a God who draws near, a God who comes close to us, especially in our time of need.

And it makes perfect sense! This God who loves us so much didn’t withhold His only Son to die a horrible death so that we could be saved.

He loves you that much!

Why wouldn’t He answer your prayer and help you when you need it?

The verse says the godly cry out. The question that you might need to ask is, am I godly?

Do I try to live my life in a manner that pleases God, by knowing His Word and applying it to my life? By praying and seeking Him? By fellowshipping with the saints and building Christian community?

Or do I only come to God when I need something?

Would that work in any other healthy relationship? Then why do we expect God to be this cosmic Santa Claus that is only there to grant our wishes?

He’s not and He won’t.

The Lord hears the godly. Don’t wait for your world to come crashing down to seek Him. Seek Him now and experience His favor in your life today.

Lord, thank You for being active in my life. Thank You that you are listening to my prayers and want to bless me with good things.


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