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The Hopelessness of Temporary Things

And He said to them, “Do you not see all these things? Truly I say to you, not one stone here will be left upon another, which will not be torn down.”
Matthew 24:2 NASB

The disciples pointed out to Jesus the temple structure. It was great and glorious. It was painted so that it would shine brightly in the sun. It was high so that the inhabitants of Jerusalem could always see it. 

Surely it was a point of pride and honor for the Jew to have it to look at. Not to mention that it was understood that it was the place where God dwelt, where He would meet His people.

But Jesus told the disciples that they shouldn’t put their trust in a building. He shared that one day it would all be destroyed.

It is the same with everything else we put our trust in that is based in this world. Structures, organizations, man made objects and ideas will all one day pass away. The things that will remain are spiritual and eternal.

Unfortunately, there will be many people surprised in the last day because they put their faith, trust and hope in temporary things. They looked towards earthly things instead of the spiritual things that last forever.

Where does your hope really lay? Is it in a certain pastor? Is it in a church structure? Is it in a governing party? Is it in Science? Or is it in the one true God, the I Am? 

You’ve always heard, You can’t take it with you.” How true! When we die or Jesus comes back, we won’t turn around and pick up our “stuff” to go. Why would you? All the stuff in this world is junk compared to what Jesus has waiting for you.

You will take your relationship with the Lord. You will take with you your love for Him. You will be with your spiritual family. You will also see the people you shared the Gospel with, who gave their life to the Lord.  These things are eternal. They will last forever. 

Put your hope in eternal things. When was the last time you took time to think about eternity? When was the last time you thought about Heaven and what being there means? Take a moment and think about eternal things. Ask the Lord to help you focus on what is truly important.

Lord, thank you for Your goodness and grace. Thank You for helping us to know what is truly important in this world. Help us to be a part of the things that are eternal and help us to share Your Word as we are led by the Holy Spirit.


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