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The Holy Things of God

23 Then he went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up by the way, young lads came out from the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead; go up, you baldhead!” 24 When he looked behind him and saw them, he cursed them in the name of the Lord. Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number.
2 Kings 2:23-24 NASB

This is a terrible tragedy. 42 kids were killed by two bears. If this happened today, the outcry would be unreal. But we can’t miss what was going on here and how it applies to us.

When a crowd forms, the people involved feed off of one another. Being that there were 42 kids here, probably meant that the scene was very chaotic with kids following and calling Elisha names and more. The words that came out of Elisha’s mouth were probably like any other adults. “You kids! Your parents haven’t raised you right! You deserve a spanking!”

But what God saw was a disrespect and disregard for the man of God and the things of God! This was God’s prophet! These kids treated the holy things of God with contempt and made fun of him, like Elisha was some funny circus clown.

God doesn’t accept that His holy things be treated with contempt. He eventually deals with it. He will eventually bring judgement down. It will be severe and just.

Like Moses took off his sandals and only certain men approached the Holy of Holies in the temple, we need to understand and respect the holiness of God.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t just reside with a few chosen people today like it did in the Old Testament. Today, everyone who accepts Jesus Christ has the Holy Spirit inside!

Jesus said that it would be better for us if He went back to the Father, because then He could send the Holy Spirit.

Think about that for a second. Jesus said it would be better than if He was present with us. The remarkable thing is that the Holy Spirit lives inside the life of every believer. Do we treat Him with respect? Do we treat the Spirit of God with honor?

We will get to Heaven and realize that we missed it so bad. We lived powerless Christian lives when all the time the Spirit of God was inside of us, we just didn’t give Him time and place to move in our lives.

Start today. Don’t treat the Holy Spirit as some weird “spiritual magic stuff.” Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and lead you today. The holy things of God are right there on the inside!

Lord, help me to stop and allow the Holy Spirit to lead me. Help me to identify Your voice through Him. Help me to honor what You honor. Help me to do what You want me to do. Help me to trust and obey.  There is nothing more that I desire.


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