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The Days

making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:16 ESV

There are so many things that can take our time and attention in our lives, TV, sports, kid activities, work responsibilities, housework and more. We can fill our days with things to do, but never really do anything of real importance.

How do we distinguish between what is distraction and what truly matters?

Well, consider this, you’re in a race! You are running, very fast to the end of the age. At the end, you will answer for the way you lived on this Earth.

What will you showcase?

Will you tell about all the TV shows you watched? Will you share your knowledge of sports and sports statistics? Will you share how much you understand about business and finances and how you can turn a profit?

Jesus won’t care about any of that!

What about sharing how you impacted the Kingdom of God? What about the lives that you touched and brought closer to Jesus? What about the people that you shared the Gospel with?

That will matter!

Although we will give an account in the end, your time is yours right now. You can do with it what you want. But you should consider how to make the most of it, because there is only a short amount left.

Father, help me to be a light in this world. Help me guard my time and use it to bless You and others.


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