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The Church

I was glad when they said to me,
“Let us go to the house of the Lord.”
Psalms 122:1 NASB

Christians know that the true church isn’t a building. The church is God’s people assembled together to worship Him. It can take place anywhere, even out in the open air. But most people don’t understand how important it is.

The church, or meeting together, is not optional! They received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost when the believers were praying and meeting together. The first pictures of the church in Acts were of many gathering together to worship, pray and listen to the Apostle’s teaching. There was great joy…and the fear of the Lord.

But today, “experts” say a church is lucky if members attend two of the four Sundays out of the month.

The church is in a sad state. We don’t pray. We don’t know our Bible. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes! But in the end, they will expect the blessings of God.

When you press in to the things of God, you won’t help but to want more of Him, including gathering with His people, because you know that you are honoring and worshipping Him!

No church is perfect! You will find people inside. When you have people, you have imperfection. But God works through His church. He works in His church. This is how He has chosen to advance His Kingdom…and the gates of Hell won’t prevail against it.

If you are a Christian, church should not be an option. Get up and go! Get involved! Be a part of what God is doing. It won’t be perfect, but trust in God.

We give ourselves to so many things. Being a part of a church that is preaching the Word and trusting in God is so much more important than anything else this world has to offer.

Lord, let Your people gather together and know You in the midst of Your church. Let us find joy, peace and refreshing as we seek Your face together.


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